Mandu’s Blog

Hi all,

I (Mandu’s Mom) wanted to make this site a bit more personable and add some fun tidbits along the way. Today, I’m heading off to Italy with Mandu’s Grandma for a quick, long-awaited vacation! So, Mandu is off to Blue’s place. He’s a lovable 100lb long-haired Black German Shepherd. He’s a derpy love ball. Mandu and Blue mostly tolerate each other (Blue more than Mandu), but I think overall they are great together. Blue is only 2 years old, and wants to play all day long. Mandu is the grumpy 8 year old, who just wants to enjoy the breeze and sunbathe. Whenever Blue and Mandu are together people laugh because of the huge size difference. There have been many times where Blue didn’t see Mandu and accidentally stepped over him, but Mandu is a bit of a drama queen so he makes his presence known. 🙂 Mandu does have a weird way of playing with Blue where he sticks his butt at him that I hope to catch on camera one day!

Anyways, I’m so grateful to have my BF who is able to watch Mandu so that I can enjoy my week vacation. I find that searching for good dog sitters is one of the hardest things for me to do. I’ve spent countless hours searching through Rover, but I just can’t seem to do it. Maybe it’s me being a crazy dog mom, but I’ve only been able to leave him with my Aunt (whose house he wishes he could be at all day long), my mom, or my BF. However, I would love the comfort of just having a sitter on hand that could take care of Mandu without being a burden to my family and loved ones.